Kick Start Wealth Planner App

Kick Start Wealth App is your perfect solution to track your income & expenditures. Every day you are aware "where your money goes" & will assist you to stay on budget. Any emergency is quickly adjusted via cut backs in spending.

Kick Start Wealth BUDGET eliminates monthly cash flows, spread sheets. Simple, easy access, tabs, repeat items, reminders, tips, "what not to do", "what is left", monthly printed results, taxes by Province & RRSP savings. This is your no stress, simple, flexible app, which helps you to save for your future needs & desires.


  • Easy Access - no internet required
  • Expenses/ Income tracking
  • Repeat or Single Transactions
  • Historical Data
  • Automatic Alerts
  • Print statements
  • Carries your balance over to the next month
  • User friendly UI manages your finances
  • Tips Feature
  • Things "not to do"

Financial Facelift Made Easy

Kick Start Wealth

Big lifestyle - small means
Stop all non-essentials
Do sweat the small stuff
Revamp your old clothes
Learn to say NO frequently

Kick Start Wealth

Peace of mind vs. anxiety
Cut the fat - not the fun
All loans - liquidated
Visa Paid in full - monthly
Retirement plan - on hand

Do sweat the small stuff

Small sacrifices equals Big Savings PAYOFF Save $5 daily equals $45,625+ int (25 yrs.)

  • Learn to cook- Use Crockpot & microwave for simple nutritious meals. Your health and pocketbook will benefit
  • Carry water & healthy snacks daily
  • Be a well-informed shopper - cut coupons- watch specials
  • Use prepaid phone cards- review all cell & computer charges- upgrade your equipment - ignore the latest gadget
  • Shop in your closet -coordinate colors-mix- match outfits
  • Buddy up with friend- Costco- split bulk essential items
  • Skip the 2nd cocktail - invite trusted friends for simple dinner parties & movie nights
  • Walk - healthy option - use public transit - start early..... Ask yourself -do I need a cab - can I do without a car?
  • PURCHASE a roof over your head- however modest- buy with trusted friend (ironclad contract- obligations) Rent spare room- do simple repairs- watch demonstrations at hardware and home shows). When equity sufficient sell and purchase own home. A paid off roof over your head = independence, less stress in life and - retirement...
  • Update your education - work part time- look for opportunities to advance, read educational books , observe trends & enjoy a hobby


  • Co-sign a loan (suggest credit counselling)
  • Finance a holiday
  • Buy- on- the- spot specials
  • Sign without reading the fine print
  • Enter into any relationships without viewing each other's credit rating & credentials
  • Associate with people who depress ....lie.... or can't carry their financial obligations

Change your lifestyle and associates to match your income