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Wild Secret Inc. is a privately held Corporation that was formed and registered in 1993 when the principal was "forced to retire early" from banking due to restructuring.


Why does the world need a new Budget
The world has changed dramatically since the "50"s however, Saving Principles are always the same yet totally ignored.

  • "Put money away for a rainy day"
  • "Spend less than you earn"
  • "Pay yourself first"
  • "Miracle of compound interest"
  • "Responsible consumption - Being Thrifty is SEXY"
Kick Start Wealth

Financial planning of the 50's has been overshadowed by:

  • buy now pay later
  • easy line of credits
  • pay in six months
  • unsolicited credit cards to students and others
  • automatic increased limit on credit cards
  • students attending college- "for fun" instead of learning future job skills
  • Student loans with little thought of - will I get a job in my field -how will I pay this later?
  • 30+ year mortgages - "does it matter if it is paid in full at age 100?"
  • Risky investments - fat finger computer loses - day trading- unrealistic quick returns on slick ads, unsustainable financial investment returns, real estate bubbles, - internet spending on "showoff" purchases " the click of the mouse spending" with little thought" has placed many individuals and families into financial chaos.
  • Shopping Malls and stores open 24 hours

In most cases, one family income is not sufficient due to the higher cost of living. Many good paying jobs and departments have been sent offshore. Corporations have been cutting costs whenever possible. Job advancement with increased pay is rare. It is difficult for the husband to provide the entire family income. There are few stay -home moms keeping house, organizing everyone's activities, arranging all meals, including nutritious "brown bag meals". Working close to home is almost nonexistent. Many women, previously locked out of professional positions are C.E.O.s, engineers, doctors, etc. several earning more than their husbands. Married couples, living in separate towns or working different shifts is common. School children do not have a home school desk and must carry their books to various classes. Many eat lunches at school or malls as they live far from home. Organizing activities and their pocket money is very expensive. Other "living together" arrangements, blended marriages, later age marriages as well as higher divorce rate, especially among retirees has created havoc on everyone's budget.

Downtown high home prices have forced dual family earners long distance commuting costs for two cars purchases and maintenance. Supervised children's sport, music lessons and other activities are required to bridge the gap until a parent arrives home. Time deprived families resorting to expensive “takeout meals" hasty decisions, little budgeting, or coordination has created money problems. Time restraints, hours of commuting, little family time and meals, cell phones charges , new technology expenses has created an environment of "resolve this tomorrow" with little thought of "How better to manage money".