Why Kick Start Wealth APP

Kick Start Wealth will simplify the " Individual Budget Process"

Money Managing App


Kick Start Wealth Financial Fitness

Wealth managements are necessary to keep proper records so as to determine the best use of your money. A Kick Start Wealth will accomplish all your goals without Graphs and other outdated techniques.

New types of communication and Software allow this overview checks and balances to accomplish your goal effortlessly.

Money in the Bank for short and long term spending allows you to face future problems. Living within your means is cool and sexy. Many relationships are destroyed by money problems. Life is stressful enough.

Kick Start Wealth
Kick Start Wealth
  • Kick Start - Creates new habits manages money effortlessly
  • Kick Start- Reduces stress � gages - financial health
  • Kick Start- Controls spending- Immediately
  • Kick Start- Can identify problems easily.
  • Kick Start- Coordinates your needs vs wants
  • Kick Start- Recognizes your different priorities
  • Kick Start- No Guilt- the item you are enjoying is paid in full
  • Kick Start- Your ticket to prosperity and Self-reliance - A Financial facelift MADE EASY

The fast pace of life, now dictates a new age of budgeting - INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBLE BUDGETING" regardless of your status.

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  • Still living with folks- no savings- no concrete plans
  • No cash for friend's wedding, trip or new car
  • Are you still paying Visa for the items purchased years ago?
  • No money in case of job loss or health or family emergencies
  • Don't say, I should have, would have, but didn't.